Guidelines and Rules


• The rules are common for all the groups.
• The participants have to speak on a topic related to Tamil literature or culture.
• The content should be a non-political and non-religious one.

Length of the Speech for each group:

Group 1 : 1.5 to 3 min
Group 2 : 3 to 5 min
Group 3 : 4 to 7 min

Tie breaker : In case of tie, the judges will decide on a tie breaking rule at that time.

The decision of the judges is the final one.

The following are used as evaluation factors

  1. Pronunciation & Fluency
  2. Confidence & Body language
  3. Understanding of & Relevancy to the topic
  4. Speaking without prompting & avoidance of English words (English words are OK if it is used for rhyming or referencing purpose)
  5. Structure, Modulation & Duration of the presentation
  6. Usage of quotes /humor /poems /proverbs
  7. Participants who don’t use cue cards will be given bonus points

Other Instructions:

  1. Standard AV check will be done for each participants
  2. To ensure smooth audience connect, it is suggested that a family number seated in front of the participant
  3. Prompting is not allowed from anyone other than the judges.