Thamizh Puthaandu Vizha 2017

Sacramento Tamil Mandrum

Event details

  • Saturday | May 13, 2017
  • All Day
  • Folsom High School, Folsom, CA 95630, CA

தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு விழா 2017

Event Guidelines for 2017


  • Each performance must have a minimum of 8 participants (except for category Dance – Classical) and maximum of 20 (except for International Tamil Academy, and Chinmaya Mission – BalaVihar). Allotted slot times remain the same for all performances, irrespective of the number of participants.
  • Adults, and Children (15 years and above), may participate in only one performance.
  • Children below 14 years of age, may participate in a maximum of two performances, only if one of the performance demonstrates an emphasis on Tamil literature, drama, personalities, or culture. The second performance should be in the 6 minute category. In such an event, prior approval from STM is required.
  • A person may coordinate/choreograph one program and participate in another, either in the same or different category.
  • The MC (Master of Ceremony) is NOT considered as participating in a performance and may participate in another program based on the above performance guidelines.

Time Allotments:

Time limits are as follows:

No: Category Time Limit
1 Drama/Skit – General 15 minutes
2 Drama/Skit – Tamil Folk/Literature 15 minutes
3 Dance – Classical 6 minutes
4 Dance – Drama 8 minutes
5 Dance – Tamil Folk/Literature 9 minutes
6 Dance – Movie 6 minutes
7 Debate
( Adults cannot participate in this program except as a Judge. They will get a chance to do so in the fall event.)
15 minutes
8 Short Film
(The performers in the short film are considered as participants in one program. They must be from the Greater Sacramento Area. All the “Participation Guidelines” apply to this category. The Producer and Director of the Short Film are responsible for any copyright infringement. STM assumes no responsibility for any copyright violations.)
10 minutes
9 Song – Medley 10 minutes

Program Slots:

  • All categories have limited number of slots.
  • If STM receives extra entries, the selection will be based on a lottery. The coordinator for above listed events will get the approval after the submission deadline, when selected.

Other General Guidelines:

  • You may not reserve more than 4 (four) songs for a program. To avoid repetition of songs, earliest entries will be given preference (first come first serve). Swapping may be considered.
  • Ensure to provide the complete song list for your program while you register. Changes to songs will be allowed after registration provided the song is not reserved for any other program.
  • All performances must be viewable by children. Scenes depicting use of alcohol, smoking, violence, etc., are not allowed.
  • Please avoid religious songs or religious content in your program as STM is a non-religious entity.
  • All dance and singing performances must be in Tamil language.
  • If the team is unable to participate on the allotted time slot during the event, the program will be shifted to the end of the event.
  • The STM Board reserves the right to select entries. Selection will be made using the above listed guidelines.

Important Dates:

  • Event Date: May 13, 2017
  • Rehearsal Date: April 22, 2017
  • Registration Deadline: March 3, 2017 11:59 PM.

STM Event Contacts:

  • STM Event Chair-person: GobiSuresh Ramasamy , (216) 534 7278
  • STM Event Co-chair person: Subi Lakshmanan, (916) 248 9488


Location : Folsom High School Theater

Contact: Sacramento Tamil Mandrum Board of Directors