Kulir Kaala Nigazhchi

Event details

  • Saturday | December 5, 2015
  • 4:00 pm - 11:59 pm
  • Sandra J Gallardo Elementary School 775 Russi Road, Folsom, CA

Kulir Kaala Nigazhchi 2015

Sacramento Tamil Mandrum is proud to announce that we will be conducting “Kulir Kaala Nigazchi – A Talent Show” to showcase the rich talent we have in the Sacramento area.

This is your chance to prove Sacramento has talent! All interested individuals and groups, please send your entries to event_chair@sactamil.org. The program categories are listed below. If you are interested to introduce a new item other than the listed categories, please send the detail of the program to event chair as well.

Don’t miss out this most entertaining evening! if you have any questions, please contact the co-coordinators.

This event will be a fund raising event towards the recent Tamil Nadu flood relief activities. We will have a booth setup to collect your contributions (please restrict contributions to monetary donations – preferably checks at this point). Please come and let us all together support the affected back home that is in real need. For more information, please click here.


Saturday, December 5th, 2015

Socializing from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Program starts at 4:00 PM


Sandra J Gallardo Elementary School
775 Russi Road, Folsom, CA

Free Event!!

This will be a free event.

Delicious Snacks and Dinner will be sold !

Event Coordinators:

Chair: Mrs. Priya Sundar – 916 8374010

Co-chair: Mr. Bala Radhakrishnan – 916 759 6940

Program Categories!!

1. ஒரு நிமிடம் தமிழ் பேசலாம் – Kids – First come First Served based (FCFS) entry.

  • This event is for school kids
  • 10 topics – The topic can be picked up at 2 PM.
  • Max time to talk is 2 minutes

Registration is closed at this time for this program.

2. இலக்கிய வினாடி வினா – Adults

  • Group event with 2 or more members – register to secure your place.
    Three rounds
  • Rapid fire questions related sanga Illakiyum
  • Cinemavil Illakiyam
  • Visual round – related to current literature

3. குறள் தேனி – ஒரு குறள் ஒரு டாலர் – Kids have to recite the thirukural, maximum of five.

  • FCFS entry, register fast.
  • We will announce five Adhikarams for competition

Registration is closed at this time for this program.

4. பாட்டுக்கு பாட்டு

  • FCFS entry
  • Individual Event
  • Abdul Hamid Style, at a time two participants will be on stage
  • 30 Minutes program

5. Standup comedy

6. Drama

7. Singing/Medley – Single/Duet/Group

  • Solo – 1 song
  • Group – 15 Minutes

8. Arattai Arangam – சமூகத்தின் மீது சமூக ஊடகங்களின் தாக்கம்: நல்லதா? கெட்டதா (social media’s impact on society: good or bad?)

9. Dumb charades for Couple (தமிழ் பழமொழிகள் )

  • FCFS entry – Winner gets a prize.
  • 5-6 couples

10. நாட்டு புர கலைகள்– பொய்கால் குதிரை, வில்லுப்பாட்டு, சிலம்பாட்டம், தெரு கூத்து, ஒயில் ஆட்டம், கரகஆட்டம் etc.

  • Adults and kids
  • Minimum participants 6
  • Max 6 minutes
  • If you are (or your child) in high school and looking for volunteer hours, sign up for volunteering, send an email to the event chair.
    If you (or your child) want to showcase your school related projects (Robotics, Science club and so on) to the community, this is the place to do it free of cost. Contact the event chair.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call the event coordinators.